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We are iced tea lovers to the core, no matter what season. So when we heard about Marley Yerba Mate- a ready-to-drink organic energy tea- we were excited to give it a taste.

Made in collaboration with Bob Marley's family, this iced tea is a powerhouse of antioxidants and caffeine. The taste is a perfect balance of earthy yet uplifting flavors, all from nature.  

Long story short, here are 10 things that make Marley Yerba Mate our new favorite tea... 

It's Tea... Energy Tea 

darkbean energy full cycle battery GIF

Tea, in general, is a wonder-drink. It comes from the earth and is fortified with antioxidants and health-boosting properties. Yerba Mate is a traditional South American tea rich in antioxidants but also caffeine.

We love that Marley Yerba Mate is both a wellness tea and caffeine powerhouse. Tea + Energy = Everything We Ever Need.   

Authentic from South America 

Traditionally in South America, yerba mate leaves are brewed by hand in a gourd and sipped through a metal straw called a "bombilla." It's a time-intensive process that doesn't travel well, but Marley Yerba Mate brought this authentic South American experience to a convenient ready-to-drink can.

traditional yerba mate

We love that authenticity matters to Marley Yerba Mate, but also that the drink is also easy to carry around and enjoy anywhere.   

Organic Caffeine 

Marley Yerba Mate is hands-down one of the cleanest energy drinks you can find. Yes, it's an energy drink, packed with 150mg of organic, naturally-occurring caffeine.

For comparison, one cup of coffee is about 95mg of caffeine. We love how Marley Yerba Mate gives us a substantial boost without using sketchy caffeine sources (or synthetic caffeine, which is a big no-no). It's real energy from real plants.  

No Jitters or Crash

We love not getting the anxious caffeine jitters after consuming Marley Yerba Mate. This drink is notorious for having the same jolt as coffee or energy drinks without the terrible jitters or crash. 

bob marley soccer GIF

Marley Yerba Mate was designed to energize and focus the mind with natural ingredients that protect against sudden drops.  

Made by Bob Marley 

It's important for us to support brands that stand for something. Marley Yerba Mate was created by people who believe whole-heartedly in authenticity and the power of nature. We love that. This yerba mate is made with Bob Marley's family and inspired by the musician and activist's personal ethics to live authentically and inspire freedom of mind. 

USDA Certified Organic 

Not only is the caffeine organic but every single agrarian ingredient in Marley Yerba Mate is USDA-certified organic. The USDA seal is one way Marley Yerba Mate stands up for protecting biodiversity, natural resources, and the health of both consumers and the planet. Please shop organic!  

Lowest Sugar, Calories, and Carbs 

exercise running GIF by Carlotta Notaro

Marley Yerba Mate contains the lowest sugar, calories, and carbohydrates among leading yerba mates. This makes us feel even better about drinking it. Choosing Marley over another yerba mate brand is a small but intentional choice that compounds to positively impact your health.  (All that other sugar adds up!) We love being able to enjoy a Marley Yerba Mate knowing it's brewed with wellness in mind.  

Approachable Earthy Taste 

Traditional yerba mate has a distinctly bitter taste with notes of dirt and soil. The drink is often mixed with honey and creamer to lighten the intense flavor, but it's a delicate balance between bitter and over-sweetened.

Animation Picking GIF by kiin.

We love how Marley Yerba Mate gently flavors their energy tea with plant oils and extracts like berry, mango, lemon, and mint. The four approachable flavors (find your favorite here) are mellow but smooth, without being overly bitter or sweet. If you love iced tea or coffee, you will love this flavor profile.  

No Artificials or Chemicals 

Our bodies do not like artificials or chemicals, so we love that Marley Yerba Mate doesn't include any.

Artificial sweeteners, in particular, compared to real cane sugar, are processed differently by the pancreas, gut microbes, and even our brains. Artificial sweeteners can make us eat more, gain weight, and mess with digestive health. Marley Yerba Mate uses only a stir of organic cane sugar and absolutely no fake flavoring or high-fructose corn syrup.  

Perfect for Creatives  

Lastly, we love Marley Yerba Mate because it inspires our creativity. By creativity, we mean the focused, think-outside-the-box mentality that can be applied to traditional arts, spreadsheets, and even cleaning the house. By raising our energy levels without leaving us shaky, this organic tea sharpens the mind and makes even the most mundane task an expression of creativity.

animation artist GIF by tobycooke

We love it before work! 

Curious to learn more about yerba mate tea and its wellness properties? Here's everything you need to know about this natural energy tea!